You must have wondered what massage is and why massage is good for you. Gaspary massage, back massage, City of Bath, Somerset, UK

Massage is an ancient form of healing and refreshment that helps prevent and avoid various disorders of the musculoskeletal system and of internal organs.

The former is a task for remedial massage, while the latter is achieved by a refreshing massage. In the UK, remedial massage is not yet widespread and is available only at a few clinics. Sports massage is much better known. You can read more about these in the Services page.

Gaspary massage knowledge, City of Bath, Somerset, UKHere is a brief overview of massage history to help you choose the massage that is right for you.

Thousands of years ago in ancient China, massage was used as a healing technique. This expertise, just like the secret of porcelain making, was of great value. Massage was also practiced in India at that time in addition to yoga and was known as a health preservation method. Records also exist in Egypt about disorders being healed with the power of touch.

The next major step is ancient Greece where massage was supplied to athletes practically as a daily routine. Numerus written records survive from this period. For example, Hippocrates recorded his medical observations along with the remark that there are certain conditions where massage is not advised. (For example, massage is bad for patients who are weak with fever because one of the effects of massage is that it causes an increased blood flow locally, which increases body Gaspary massage Greek-Rome, City of Bath, Somerset, UKtemperature...)

With the spread of Greek-Roman culture, this simple yet effective method of refreshing and healing continued to evolve until it was all summarized by a Swedish fencing master, Pehr Henrik Ling in the 19th century. This was later named Swedish massage and elaborated further. It is used to this day as the basis for refreshing massage, sports massage, and remedial massage. There are other types of massages as well, such as Thai massage, reflexology (foot massage) and Shiatsu massage. Deep tissue massage was developed by the Canadian physician Therese Phimmer, who opened her clinic in 1949. She also wrote a book on deep tissue massage titled Muscles: Your Invisible Bonds.

That is to say, massage has been an elaborate and effective method for thousands of years for health preservation and restoration, which, if practiced by a trained and state-certified massage therapist with hundreds of hours of training practice, has no side effects.

So far, so good, but why would you need it? Consider the following questions and you will soon see the point:Gaspary massage pain relief, City of Bath, Somerset, UK

The more questions you have answered in the positive, the more you may be in need of a massage.

Gaspary massage happy, City of Bath, Somerset, UKMassage is an excellent remedial method, but it is more budget-friendly if you visit a good massage therapist before something bad happens. When your neck, shoulders, knees, elbows, back or any other body part already feels tender, you may need 10 to 40 visits to get rid of the problem!

The aim is not to reduce symptoms, but to restore health as fully as possible. In case of prevention, 2 to 4 visits per month should be enough to prevent serious musculoskeletal and, consequently, internal problems. (For example, if you have a stooping posture due to back pain, you may compress your stomach and develop digestive tract issues.)

This is why we recommend our services to you and your loved ones, and why our slogan is:

With massage for a more cheerful tomorrow.